Thursday, 22 March 2012

Just a Chip

About a month ago  we were all in the kitchen getting breakfast organised. 

We tend to get our own breakfast, then sit together at the table to eat.

While my daughter was getting something out the high cupboard, she knocked something, which dropped down onto a cake stand (which I really loved).  There was a shock on her face, and panic in her voice as she said "I'm really sorry Mum, I've chipped your plate". 

This was probably the best thing she could have said - it removed any anger, or upset feelings I may otherwise have had - I could not stop laughing as I looked at the "chipped" plate.

She was really upset, but even now I think the memories and the laugh over the "chipped plate" have given far more pleasure than the plate ever did.

Thursday, 15 March 2012


De-Fencing  work began on the croft with the removal of the old fence.

Getting started was a struggle -

 but determination is embedded in the minds of these kids.

I did the obligitory photo shoot to keep a record of
where we've come from.....

rusted fence (camoflaging with the waterproofs)

Rotting strainers - complete with decorative grass top!

and a ..ahem.. not quite upright position....
(which I'm hoping we'll be avoiding with the replacement)
the weather turned,
but their motivation did not

they totally amazed me with their progress

hard work didn't knock the smile of her face

and Charlie loves being out on the croft!

They went home exhausted, but delighted with their achievement.